A little more about us.

But first of all...

Our song for this Blog... 'Sweet Talking Woman' of course by ELO


Introductions all round...

Karen is an experienced Designer (designer of the popular WrapandGo - www.wrapandgo.co.uk) and Photographer of Portraits, urban landscapes and music events primarily (www.kciphotography.co.uk). Karen has been lucky enough to make her career in the creative fields which are her passion, as a member of her local Photography Society she was asked to be President and introduced the group to the wonders of social media and creating a new 'Creative' competition.

Now a part time D&T Technician in a local secondary school she is helping to influence a new generation of creatives.

You can find her 'Birmingham Views' collection in various forms on our products so that you can adorn your walls, body, laptop, tablet, phone, mug or cushions with her fantastic work.

Victoria is our PR and Marketing guru who is successfully making an impression in the Music Industry.

Victoria is a brilliant Singer/Songwriter (www.toricrossmusic.co.uk) aswell as a founder partner of The Barmy Brummie product range, her creative experience in her music career is invaluable to this venture as she carves out a niche for us in the market place.

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