Brummies not Yam Yams!!

 Brummies not Yam Yams 
If you're a Brummie then you know but if you're not, you may not know what we Brummies already know!
So... Birmingham is a huge city and we have a Brummie accent.
This is not to be confused with people from 'The Black Country' which is Dudley, Walsall and surrounding area plus parts of Stafford, the Black Country accent and dialect is quite different from the Brummie accent but people outside of the Midlands constantly get the two confused. Very frustrating for us Brummies who know exactly how we sound and we know we don't sound like a anyone from the Black Country.
Joe Lycett explains it in a most charmingly brilliant way in the clip above.
No song this time but feel free to put in a request below.

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