Our favourite places to go in Birmingham - Creation Skate Park

My son spent A LOT of time here from the age of 7 to 12, we couldn't keep him away, we found it a safe and Very friendly environment for him, it allowed him to find his feet in being a bit more independent, meet other kids of all ages, abilities and interests, it also enabled him forge friendships outside school. 

The building is an old bus station and so it's basic but very safe, the owners take health and safety of the users very seriously and in the years we took our son the injuries sustained by the riders were what you would expect from boys/girls going down ramps at speed and flying through the air at breakneck speed, there's no wrapping them in cotton wool here, boys / girls can be boys / girls.

My son is now approaching 17 but has fond memories of his trips, birthday parties and all night lock ins here. 

It's also very easy to get to, although there isn't lots of parking space I think it fits the purpose.

As a Mum who was terrified the first time I saw my son go down the Vert ramp and then do a flip mid air, I'd like to say I got used to it but I didn't, I just had to realise that he enjoyed it and would learn from it. He got a concussion during one session and I think that made him think about the dangers and what he was doing but it didn't stop him.

My son is Dyslexic and is one of the reasons we took him, to see if we could build his confidence and let him be the best in something his peers at school weren't so good at, it worked, he competed in competitions and came second in his age group in one, he constantly tried new tricks, to my absolute horror and when he had had enough he gradually stopped asking to go but all in all it was without doubt the best place for our son to gain confidence in himself and allow him to push himself and try new things.

A full five stars from us!


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