Alright Bab!

The Birmingham accent is finally being appreciated for all its quirks and unique sayings and I for one am proud to have a Brummie accent!

Even if the Black Country dialect is mistaken as Brummie far too often, it's completely different and almost a language in it's own right which is brilliant, once you get your head round it it's a fun dialect that's packed with humour and it's own unique sayings.

Most of my family are from the Black Country and so I know only too well how much it irritates them when people ask if they're from Birmingham.

As a Brummie it can sometimes be annoying when people don't know the difference between a Brummie and Black Country accent as we know there are clear differences between the two.

Here's a quick cheat sheet to help you understand what the locals are saying when you visit Birmingham.

Brummie sayings;

  • Alright Bab - How are you

  • 0121 do one - Get lost!

  • Face as long as Livery Street – an unhappy face, Livery Street is really long.

  • Ain't - Is not

  • Ark at that! - Listen to that

  • Bab - a term of endearment to a female

  • Back of Rackhams – an insult, as the back of Rackhams was a red light area

  • Tara a bit - See you later

  • Black over Bill’s mother’s – if dark clouds are looming. Bill is William Shakespeare and it's a term used to say the rain clouds are coming in from Stratford-upon-Avon

  • Bonce – your head.

  • Bost – it’s broken.

  • The buzz – the bus.

  • Cack-handed – a clumsy way of doing something.

  • Cob – bread roll.

  • Council pop – tap water.

  • Deff it – to not do something.

  • Ee-yar – here you are

  • Ent – it is not.

  • Entry – the alley between terraced houses.

  • Fizzy pop – a fizzy drink.

  • Gambol – a forward roll.

  • Gully – an alleyway, or space round the back of houses.

  • Having a Benny – to throw a strop.

  • Island – a roundabout.

  • Leg it – run away.

  • Mither/Myther – pestering someone.

  • Mooch – have a look around.

  • Munch – to hug/cuddle

  • Nause – someone who makes a mess of something / annoying person.

  • Outdoor/Offie – the off licence.

  • .Pop – squash; not to be confused with fizzy drinks.

  • Rezza – the reservoir, most likely Edgbaston.

  • Round the Wrekin – going the long way around (after the Wrekin Hills in Shropshire)

  • Tea – dinner, around 6/7pm.

  • The cut – the canal.

  • Tip top – a long fruit-flavoured ice lolly.

  • Tot – an alcoholic drink.

  • Town – Birmingham city centre.

  • Wag – skip school or miss a lesson on purpose.

  • Wench – an affectionate term for a young woman.

  • Wooden hills – old term for stairs.

Hope this helps you navigate the wonderful Birmingham dialect and that you appreciate our little quirks.

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