The Birmingham Art Book

A book rammed with Art images of Birmingham City created by Artists from Birmingham.

It was an absolute privilege to be asked to contribute to the Birmingham Book along with a host of other brilliant artists, the pending Common Wealth games has brought home just how proud I am of being a Brummie and I'm excited to share my Art with fellow Brummies and Common Wealth visitors who find my work here or in the book.

From Birminghams old library to the Rotunda and Victoria Square my artwork began as photographs followed by endless hours of editing pixel by pixel. I spent four years photographing the city centre focusing on the architecture and iconic landmarks around Birmingham city centre.

The variety of colours used in my art reflects the diverse communities, mixed heritage and blended families which make up Birmingham's residents.

I hope you enjoy my take on Birmingham and browse the various landmarks featured in my work and that they give you an opportunity to look at Birmingham in a new light.

Please come back and look at my photography taken during lockdown and other areas.

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