The Birmingham Book is published!

Woo Hoo so excited to share that the book I was asked to contribute to has been published. With COVID delays never seeming to end the wait is over.

I was asked along with over 50 other Birmingham to submit some of our Art which is focused on Birmingham city, the variety of Art and show of talent is breath taking, different mediums and styles, monochromatic and high intense colour there's something to please everyone.

The Birmingham Art Book shows the city in a new and exciting way. With the help of the illustrated map in the book, you will be able to take a walk with a copy of The Birmingham Art Book in your hand and stand in the footsteps of an artist for a while.

Some of the celebrity endorsements for The Birmingham Art Book

‘This book shows a unique view of Birmingham, a city that still holds a substantial bit of my heart’

Dame Julie Walters

'This is like being given a pair of magic spectacles through which you can see Birmingham’s unusual, oft hidden, oft unappreciated beauty, more clearly and more exhilarating than you ever did before'

Frank Skinner

'We are a city that’s quietly understated yet brilliant! If you want to know about it , stand and stare, you’ll know why so many still want to live here'

Ruby Turner

'I am proud to be associated with a city that can produce such stunning, artistic creations and in such numbers - remarkable'

Jasper Carrott

'Amazing and thought provoking images from 58 incredible artists, proving that Birmingham really is at the centre of it all'

Josie Lawrence

'The Birmingham Art Book is a visual feast of historic and futuristic beauty, created by local artists who live within the heart of this bustling, vibrant city'

Toyah Willcox

As you can imagine I was so pleased to read these comments and to know that they appreciate our work is fantastic, I hope this book proves to captivate all my fellow brummies and visitors alike to see what we as artists see in our beautiful city.

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